Welcome to Eco Manyatta Housing Limited

The adverse amount of deforestation that occurs in the building and construction of pastoralist homes, combined with the daily reliance for cooking and lighting purposes, has direct effects on the health and environment of the community. Eco Manyatta Housing provides a sustainable housing solution.

It is from this background that Eco Manyatta Housing in partnership with the International Labour Organization (ILO) under a DFID funded project are aiming to improve the conditions and living standards of these pastoral communities.

Inter Locking Bricks


Use of locally produced stabilized soil blocks for the walling, incorporating...

Water Harvesting


There are serious water challenges in most pastoralist communities despite having...

Cultural Tourism


This concept will be promoted within the eco manyattas neighbouring wildlife...

Social Impact


Green building skills creating opportunities for green livelihoods...

Solar Lighting


Replacing kerosene or paraffin with portable, affordable solar lights saves money



BIO-Gas is a cooking fuel that replaces firewood, charcoal and kerosene.



The Eco manyatta offers a decent toilet in every home which is affordable...